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This audio bank is presented in collaboration with The International Foundation for Carnatic Music

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Lecture Demo

This is a recording of the Lecture Demo presented by Sri Chitravina N Ravikiran at Music Academy, Chennai on Dec 23, 08 and the Q&A session :

Saptaratna Krtis

The Saptaratna krtis of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi (1700-65) are vibrant creations of inspired genius. Easily among the best pieces composed in Indian music, these compositions have an arresting appeal that conceals the composer’s high-calibre scholarship.  They are profound, yet amenable to chorus renditions even by school children. They aptly deserve the name ratnas. Click here to learn more.

Kamakshi Navavarnams

The Navavarana krtis of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi are monumental creations addressed to the Goddess of Kanchi.  His compositions in this set are even more remarkable because he is believed to have been initiated into the Avarana worship by none other than Shri Bhaskara Raya, who was considered as the greatest authority on the subject. Click here for more.

Other Compositions

Neelavaanam_Chindu Savita Narasimhan A short folk melody describing the beauty of Lord Krishna and his Brindavanam.
Gopakumara-Athana Rudrapatnam Brothers A bright composition in the raga Athana, comprising of only pallavi and charanams.
Parvai Onre Podume-Surati Chitravina N Ravikiran A magnificent piece in Surati which vividly portrays Krishna's meaningful mischievous eyes.
Ranganatham_Gambheeranattai Lata Ganapathy, Savita Narasimhan, Salem Gayathri, Vishaal Sapuram A masterpiece of singular beauty on Lord Ranganatha with vivid descriptions.
Kathaya Kathaya Rudrapatnam Brothers The composer urges the tongue to always utter Lord Krshna’s name through different mediums of expression such as music, rhythm, poetry
Mundi varum Chitravina Ganesh, Lata Ganapathy, Savita Narasimhan A soulful song with moving descriptions about Lord Krshna and his music which transports us to brndavan.

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