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Pazhani School of Percussion

This website is a dedication to the generation of Percussion Vidwans that this school has produced. The style and classicism that the Vidwans of this school produced and demonstrated in concerts, will stay im-mortal in the realms of Carnatic Music. Evolved by the legendary Mridangam Vidwan, Shri. Pazhani Subramania Pillai, the baton was passed over to his shishyas - Shri.Trichy Sankaran and Shri.M.N.Kandaswamy (to name a few).

This website is an earnest attempt to compile the clippings from different concerts that these masters have played / accompanied over the years.

More information on Shri Pazhani Subramania Pillai is available here

Professor Shri.Trichy Sankaran's website is here.

Vidwans talk about Shri Pazhani Subramania Pillai

Prof. Trichy Sankaran, direct disciple of Shri Pazhani Subramania Pillai speaks about his Guru, in this AIR Interview. Click here to download.

Vidwan Shri. Palghat Raghu, a disciple of Shri Palghat Mani Iyer belonging to the "Thanjavur school of Percussion", speaks about Shri Pazhani Subramania Pillai. Click here to download.