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  • Sangeethapriya is a non commercial service for the exchange of Indian Classical Music for the sole purpose of research and education.
  • This website is funded by contributions from music rasikas and is run as a not-for-profit initiative.
  • Rasikas can upload/download non commercial concert recordings to/from this website . You may share these as much as possible with others so we can reduce the load on the website.
  • If you are looking for a commercial album, then this is not the place.
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  • If you have non commercial concerts and willing to share, contact us.


There are many volunteers who contribute towards the success of this site which is greatly appreciated. They are too many to be mentioned here. They share their time, concert collections, knowledge in many different areas and so on. The rasika community has a number of projects that need to be carried out. We are looking for volunteers for these tasks.

  • If you have the right equipment, convert music on tapes to a digital form. There are many rasikas who have tapes to convert but lack either the equipment or the time or the expertise.
  • If you are musically knowledgeable, there are a lot of tracks which need to be identified and tagged. In some cases large tracks to be broken down into individual songs and appropriately tagged. The music itself of course divine.
  • If you are a laya expert, we need to start a section dedicated to Laya oriented matters. Similar to the Melakartha raga section mentioned above.
  • Click here to register your interest to volunteer


This site is entirely funded by rasika contributions. Your financial contributions go towards promoting Carnatic music such as maintaining this service , supporting various activities towards archiving the sampradaya and lineage of legends of Carnatic music etc

If you wish to donate through an alternate way, please contact us.

Rasika Uploads

The rasika upload sections of this site are maintained by rasikas themselves. The uploaders have been made aware that the content uploaded by them should be either non-copyrighted or permissions obtained from copyright owner(s) of the content prior to uploading.