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A Tribute to Sri Shyama Shastri

llamba kAmAkshi mAm pAhi ll

ll shrI Gurubhyo nama: ll

Dear Rasika,

Welcome to the site dedicated to Sri Shyama Shastri!!
This site is a small tribute to the musical genius Sri Shyama Shastri. It is a small effort to help rasikas and musicians enjoy the bliss of Sri Shyama Shastri's music.

NOTE : The intention of this site is to gather all the krithis of Sri Shyama Shastri at one place. Most of the media available here are chosen from concerts recorded and shared by Rasikas. There might be few commercially available content and its usage is not intentional. If you find any copyright violations please let us know. Please suggest to improve this site.


  • Site last updated on 29th August 2008
  • We have managed to collect 69 out of the 75 compositions of this musical genius. Many thanks to Sri Dr. V.Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Bala Srinivasan for sharing their collection generously to this site.