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A sanskrit shubashitam quotes :

pibanti nadyA swayam eva nA jalagM swayagM na khAdanti phalAni vrikshA
nAdanti sashyagM khalu pArivAhA paropakArAya satAgM vibhUtayaH

“Just as the rivers do not drink their own water but flow for other’s benefit, just as fruit-bearing trees do not eat their own fruit but bear it for others, and just as clouds do not drink their own rain but shower it down for others, so saintly devotees live simply for others.”

Many thanks to :

1) Gaana Kalaanidhi, Sangeetha Sudhambudhi, Abhinava Kalaavaaridhi Sri Salem P Sundareshan Sir my revered guru for his inspiration , constant guidance and support.

2 ) Sri Dr. PP Narayanswamy for his marvellous articles on Muthuswamy Dikshitar available in all major websites related to carnatic music.

3) Sri HMG Murthy,Dr.V.Gopalakrishnan and Dr.P.Bala Srinivasan for sharing with us many rare krithis of Dikshitar.

4) Sri Rajagopalan Srinivasan for the concept like Sangeethapriya

5) Numerous Rasikas who are sharing tons of unheard off melodies from yesteryears. Keep it going.

6) Thanks to rasikas Vidya Jayaraman, Narayanan, Ram Ramanathan, Rama Sundaram, Bhooma Shivakumar, Vidya Balasubramanian for contributing some rare krithis.Request rasikas to share missing krithis

6) Thanks to all those rasikas who took their valuable time to give feedback and suggest corrections.Your feedback is important to us.Please keep it flowing.

7) Thanks to Sri Sai Prasad Viswanathan who has extended his helping hand in maintaining the website


1 ) If you come across any krithis that are missing in the download list, please share it with us.

2) There are few krithis whose audio quality is poor. Rasikas are requested to volunteer to share the enhanced version of the same.

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