G.N.B, the Super star!


Yes, he WAS the singing superstar of carnatic music in his time. He swayed the minds of the pundits and layman alike through the rich timbre of his voice and his immence repertoire.

He was peerless in his style of raga elaboration and middle tempo rendering coupled with his inimitable style. He carried his handsome personality laden with music virtuoso with ease and grace!

A brief Biography of GNB

I aim to collect and collate information about the life and achievements of GNB from his kin, disciples, rasikas, contemporaries, musical collegues and the innumerable people who have rubbed shoulders with him. I do not want to repeat (or, recycle :)) the stuff that is already available on the net.

Hence please give a week. I will try and place his brief life sketch here.

I will also try to add a list of links to the URL's that contain info about GNB. In addition to what you get by Googling, if you happen to come across a good site about GNB, please send the details to me - skichu at gmail dot com. I'll be greatful if you could do that.

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