G.N.B, the Super star!


Yes, he WAS the singing superstar of carnatic music in his time. He swayed the minds of the pundits and layman alike through the rich timbre of his voice and his immence repertoire.

He was peerless in his style of raga elaboration and middle tempo rendering coupled with his inimitable style. He carried his handsome personality laden with music virtuoso with ease and grace!

GNB, the man and his music!

Here is the link for a video documentary on the life and achievements of the great GNB in MPG format!
You can download it and enjoy!

And please await a special links page for GNB's music hosted elsewhere.

Here is the masterpiece by the inimitable GNB - "Radha Sametha Krishna" for R.Ramani and other rasikas!

Radha-Sametha-Krishna_Misra Yaman_Adi

Here is a concert by GNB. Carnatic connoisseurs may please wise me up on the names of the accompanyists.