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Group Krithis

Group Krithis of Dikshitar

Group krithis   Comments 
Pancha Bhootha Kshetra krithis   Lord shiva, according to the Hindu belief, is manifest in the form of the five basic elements, ether, air, light (fire), earth and water, which make up the universe. The panca li.nga k.rtis are dedicated to these five forms of Lord shiva. These k.rtis are composed respectively at the temples of cidambaram (ether), kALahasti (air), tiruvaNNAmalai (fire), kAncIpuram (earth) and jambukEshvaram (water).  
Tiruvarur Pancha Linga krithis   A secondary set of panca li.nga k.rtis were composed on the five lingams of Lord shiva located in the temples in and around tiruvArUr. These are the temples of acalEshvara, hATakEshvara, valmIkEshvara, AnandEshvara, and siddhIshvara. These are referred to as tiruvArUr pancali.nga k.rtis  
guruguha vibhakti krithis   In his first batch of eight k.rtis he composed in praise of Lord subrahmaNya of tiruttaNi, with the mudra (author's signature) guruguha, soon after he received the Divine Blessing. 
tyAgarAja  vibhakti krithis   A second group of k.rtis that follow the above pattern of bhakti and vibhakti scheme was composed at tiruvArUr, in praise of the presiding deity, Lord tyAgarAja ( shiva) of tiruvArUr temple. The noun declined in eight cases here is tyAgarAja.  
abhayAmbA vibhakti krithis   In mAyUram (mAyavaram or mayilADuttuRai, as it is called nowadays), north of tiruvArUr in the delta of the river kAvEri lies the famous shrine of Lord mayUranAtha. In praise of the consort goddess abhayAmbA in that shrine, dIkSitar composed a series of k.rtis in the vibhakti pattern.  
rAma vibhakti krithis   Another batch of eight compositions this time on Lord Rama features the same pattern of vibhakti. Unlike the earlier groups, these kriti-s were composed in various locations in the Southern tip of India that are associated with the epic story of Ramayana  
Nilotpalamba krithis   The shrine of Goddess nIlOtpalAmbA is situated in the same temple complex at tiruvArUr. On nIlOtpalAmbA, dIkSitar composed his famous gauLAnta k.rtis, a series of eight k.rtis, all rendered in rAgas whose names have the suffix "gauLa".  
madhurAmba vibhakti krithis (incomplete)   A partial collection of songs with the vibhakti style, dedicated to Goddess mInAkSi of madurai. The k.rtis in the fourth and fifth vibhaktis, as well as the ma.ngaLa k.rti are missing. 
Navagraha kritis   The navagraha k.rtis of dIkSitar glorify the nine planets in the inner courtyard of tyAgarAja Temple in tiruvArUr. These compositions are strikingly beautiful in their tALa structure, which employs the seven shULAdi tALams, namely, dhruvam, maTyam, rUpakam, jhampa, tripuTa, aTa and Ekam. Further, they describe the astronomy of these planets elegantly and contain the essence of jyotiSa (science of astrology) and mantra shAstra (science of sacred chanting). DIkSitar composed these songs in order to heal a stomach disease of his shiSya (disciple) tambiyappan, who played the shuddhameLaM (a kind of drum). It is believed that the planet b.rhaspati has the divine power to heal such incurable diseases; rather than composing one song just to please one planet alone, dIkSitar chose to sing in praise of all nine planets. The names of the nine planets in Sanskrit language are: sUrya, candra, a.ngAraka, budha, b.rhaspati, shukra, shani, rAhu and kEtu. The last two k.rtis in this series are considered spurious  
kamalAmbA navAvaraNam krithis  This batch of eleven songs is the famous kamalAmbA navAvaraNa k.rtis (on the nine ornamental enclosures of Goddess kamalAmbA) in praise of Goddess kamalAmbA of tiruvArUr Temple. The huge tank inside the temple courtyard is aptly called kamalAlayam. 
Shodasa Ganapati Krithis   According to Ganapatyam (the science of worship of Lord Ganesha), and Tantra Shastra (the science of mystical powers), the elephant-faced Lord Ganesa has been described and worshiped in sixteen different forms (Shodasa Ganapati). Dikshitar has composed in all of these forms.  
noTTu svara sahityam   Dikshitar had occasion to listen to Western Music when he came in contact with officials of the East India Company and their English Musical band. His younger brother, Baluswami Dikshitar, who was initiated to learn European violin by the patron Manali Chinnaswami Mudaliar, introduced the violin into Carnatic music. With this influence, Dikshitar composed many kriti-s under the classification of Nottu Svara Sahitya-s, all in the raga sankarabharanam in different tala structures. All of these are extremely melodious, and some of them resemble Western tunes. For example, the kriti "santatam pahi mam sangita shyamale" is a Marching Song, which can be sung in a chorus, to the tune of "God save the King"! .Note that all of these songs are in raga sankarabharanam  
vivAdi mELa k.rtis on Tanjore b.rhadIshvara/brihannAyaki  Tanjavur (Tanjore) has always played an important role in the cultural and spiritual history of South India. It is a city of temples, and is the home of the majestic Brihadishwara Temple, built by King Rajaraja Chola, of the Chola dynasty. This temple complex is a great archiological treasure house. It is also here that Dikshitar is said to have come in contact with the dance masters of the Tanjavur court: Ponnayya, Chinnayya, Sivanandam and Vadivelu. In the kriti rajarajendra (gundakriya, triputa), Dikshitar mentions the Chola rulers and their connections with the contemporary ruler King Sarafoji. Again, it is believed that he came into contact with Tyagaraja and Shyama Shastri during his stay in Tanjavur, but no proof is available to substantiate such a claim.

Dikshitar adopted the 72 melakarta raga (parent scales) and the corresponding janya raga scheme (derivations) proposed by Venkatamakhin, the great grammarian of the Carnatic music system. There are various deities in Tanjavur and in nearby temples, on whom Dikshitar composed excellent kriti-s in this mela scheme to illustrate the immense possibilities of the Venkatamakhin system of classifying the 72 mela-s. He has composed in all of these 72 mela-s. The 40 vivadi mela raga-s that he handled, are a class in themselves.  

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Pancha Bhootha Kshetra krithis

Krithi   Download 
ananda natana prakasham (kedaram, mishra chapu on Chidambaram)   DKJ , MDR 
sri kalahastisha (huseni, jhampa on Kalahasti)  DKJ 
arunachala natam (saranga, rupakam on Tiruvannamalai)  DKJ , KVN , Hyderabad Bros 
chintaya makanta (bhairavi, rupakam on Kanchipuram)  DKJ , DKP 
jambupate (yamuna kalyani, rupakam on Jambukeshwaram)   DKJ , MLV , M Santanam 

Tiruvarur Pancha Linga krithis

Krithi  Download 
sadachaleshwaram (bhupalam, adi on Achaleshwara)  Hyderabad Bros, Sanjay 
hatakeshwara (bilahari, rupakam on Hatakeshwara)  Prof. S.R.Janakiraman 
sri valmikalingam (kambhoji, ata on Valmikeshwara)  Vijay-Shiva 
anandeshwarena (ananda bhairavi, mishra chapu on Anandeshwara)  DKP, Sowmya 
siddhishwaraya (neelambari, mishra chapu on Siddhishwara)   Kalpagam-Swaminathan-L Ramakrishnan 

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guruguha vibhakti krithis

Vibhakti  Krithi  Download 
Prathama   sri nathadi guruguho (mayamalavagaula, adi)   DKJ, DKP-DKJ ,Vedavalli.R, ,DKP  
Dvitiya   manasa guruguha (ananda bhairavi, rupakam)   DKP , ARI , KVN 
Trthiya   sri guruna palitosmi (padi, rupakam Vedavalli.R 
Chaturthi   guruguhaya (sama, adi DKJ , Vijay-Shiva 
Panchami   guruguhad anyam (balahamsa, jhampa Vedavalli.R 
Shashti   sri guruguhasya dasosmyaham (purvi, misra chapu Vedavalli.R 
Saptami   guruguhaswamini (bhanumati, khanda triputa TMT , Vedavalli.R 
Sambhodhana   sri guruguha murte (udayaravicandrika, rupakam).   Vedavalli.R,Prof. S.R.Janakiraman  

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tyAgarAja  vibhakti krithis

Vibhakti  Krithi  Download 
Prathama   tyagarajo virajate (atana, rupakam TNS 
Dvitiya   tyagarajam bhajare (yadukula kamboji, misra chapu MDR, Vedavalli.R 
Trthiya   tyagarajena samraksitoham (salagabhairavi, adi Prof.S.R.Janakiraman 
Chaturthi   tyagarajaya namaste (begada, rupakam KVN , Sanjay 
Panchami   tyagarajad anyam (darbar, adi Neela Ramagopal  
Shashti   sri tyagarajasya bhakto (rudrapriya, mishra chapu Neela Ramgopal 
Saptami   tyagaraje kritya krityam (saranga, jhampa TMK 
Sambhodhana   viravasanta tyagaraja (viravasantam, adi)   TMT  

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abhayAmbA vibhakti krithis

Vibhakti  Krithi  Download 
Prathama   abhayamba jagadamba (kalyani, adi)   T-N-Bala, Kalpagam-Swaminathan 
Dvitiya   aryam abhayambam (bhairavi, triputa)   Unknown, Kalpagam-Swaminathan 
Trthiya   girijaya ajaya (sankarabharanam, adi)   T-N-Bala, Kalpagam-Swaminathan  
Chaturthi   abhayambikayai (yadukulakambhoji, rupakam)   T-N-Bala, Kalpagam-Swaminathan 
Panchami   abhayambikayah (kedaragaula, jhampa)   Hyderabad Bros, Kalpagam-Swaminathan 
Shashti   ambikayah abhayambikayah (kedaram, adi)   T-N-Bala, Vijay-Shiva 
Saptami   abhayambayam (sahana, triputa)   T-N-Bala, TNS, Kalpagam-Swaminathan 
Sambhodhana   daksayani Abhayambika (todi, rupakam)   BMK, Vedavalli.R, Kalpagam-Swaminathan 

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rAma vibhakti krithis

Vibhakti  Krithi  Download 
Prathama   sri ramachandro (sriranjani, mishra chapu MLV, Sudha-Raghunathan 
Dvitiya   ramachandram bhavayami (vasanta, rupakam S Ramanathan , GNB , MDR 
Trthiya   ramachandrena (manji, rupakam SSI , MSS 
Chaturthi   ramachandraya (todi, mishra chapu BVR-BVL 
Panchami   ramachandrad anyam (dhanyasi, khanda chapu Raji Gopalakrishnan 
Shashti   ramachandrasya (dhamavati, adi)   Balaji Shankar 
Saptami   rame bharata palita (jyoti, khanda chapu)   BVR-BVL 
Sambhodhana   rama rama (ramakali, rupakam Sashikiran 

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Nilotpalamba krithis

Vibhakti  Krithi  Download 
Prathama   nilotpalamba jayati (narayanagaula, mishra chapu  
Dvitiya   nilotpalambam bhajare (nari ritigaula, mishra chapu Nityashri, Sowmya.S 
Trthiya   nilotpalambikaya (kannadagaula, adi Vedavalli.R, Sowmya.S, MLV 
Chaturthi   nilotpalambikayai (kedaragaula, adi  
Panchami   nilotpalambikayah param (gaula, rupakam Kalavathy Balakrishnan, Sowmya.S 
Shashti   nilotpalambikayastava (mayamalavagaula, mishra chapu  
Saptami   nilotpalambikayam (purvagaula, rupakam  
Sambhodhana   nilotpalambike (chayagaula, rupakam)    

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madhurAmba vibhakti krithis

Krithi  Download 
madhuramba jayati (paras, mishra chapu)  Trichur Ramachandran 
madhurambam bhajare (stavarajam, adi)   
sri madhurambikaya (atana, mishra chapu)   
sri meenakshi (gauri, rupakam)   
madhurambayah (begada, mishra chapu)   
madhurambikayam (desisimharavam, rupakam)  Raji Gopalakrishnan 
shyamalangi matangi (shyamala, adi)   
sri madhurambike (kalyani, khanda chapu)  Unknown 
madhuramba (devakriya, adi)   Unknown 

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Navagraha krithis

Krithi  Download 
suryamurte (saurastram, dhruva MMI , R Vedavalli 
chandram bhaja (asaveri, matya DKP , Unknown 
angarakam (suruti, rupakam MSS, KVN, Sugandha Kalamegham  
budham ashrayami (nattakuranji, jhampa MMI , SSI 
brihaspate (atana, triputa MMI, R Vedavalli 
sri sukrabhagavantam (paras, ata MMI 
diwakara tanujam (yadukula kambhoji, chaturashra eka SSI , MDR, MMI 
smaramyaham sada rahum (ramamanohari, rupakam MMI 
mahasuram ketumaham (chamaram, rupakam MMI 

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kamalAmbA navAvaraNam krithis

Krithi  Download 
kamalambike (dhyana kriti: todi, rupakam DKJ , Mukta , MMI ,MSS 
kamalamba samrakshatu mam (ananda bhairavi, tishra jati triputa DKJ , P S Iyer 
kamalambam bhajare (kalyani, adi DKJ 
kamalambikaya (sankarabharanam, rupakam DKJ , P S Iyer , MMI 
kamalambikayai (kambhoji, ata DKJ, P S Iyer , SSI & Disciples 
sri kamalambikayah param (bhairavi, jhampa DKJ, P S Iyer , MMI 
kamalambikayah (punnagavarali, rupakam DKJ 
sri kamalambikayam (sahana, triputa DKJ, P S Iyer , SSI & Disciples 
sri kamalambike (ghanta, adi DKJ , P S Iyer , Ambujam Vedantham 
sri kamalamba jayati (ahiri, rupakam DKJ , P S Iyer , SSI & Disciples 
sri kamalambike (sri, khanda eka)   DKJ , Mukta , SSI & Disciples  

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Shodasa Ganapati krithis

Krithi  Download 
ganesha kumara (jhunjhuti, chaturasra eka)  M Santhanam  
gananayakam (rudrapriya, adi)   BMK , NNK, MLV 
ganarajena (arabhi, mishra chapu)   Vasudhara Rajagopal 
herambhaya (atana , rupakam)   Unknown  
hastivadanaya (navaroj, mishra chapu)  Brinda - Mukta 
mahaganapate (natanarayani, adi)   Khzhugumalai Kandaswamy , RKS 
mahaganapatim (chalanata, chaturasra eka),   SSI , MDR , Srirangam Gopalaratnam 
mahaganapatim vande (todi, rupakam)   GNB 
pancamatanga mukha (malahari, rupakam)   M Santanam, RKS 
sri muladhara chakra (sri, adi)   MSS , BVR-BVL 
sri mahaganapatim (gaula, triputa)   Chembai , MDR , MSS 
siddhivinayakam (chamaram, rupakam)   SSI , Satur Subramanya , MDR 
ucchista ganapatau (kasiramakriya, adi)   BMK, Unknown 
vatapi ganapatim (hamsadhvani, adi)   DKJ , MLV , SSI 
vallabha nayakasya (begada, rupakam)   SSI, M S Sheela 

vighnEs'varaM (malahari, Adi).  

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noTTu svara sahityam

Krithi  Download 
anjaneyam (tishra eka)  Unknown 
chintayeham (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
dasharate (tishra eka)  Unknown 
dinabandho (tishra eka)  Unknown 
guruguha sarasija (chaturashra ekam)  Unknown 
guruguha pada pankaja (tishra ekam)  Unknown 
gurumurte (rupakam)  Unknown 
he maye (tishra eka)  Unknown 
jagadisha (chaturashra ekam)  Unknown 
kamalasana (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
kanchisa (tishra eka)  Unknown 
maye chitkale (tishra eka)  Unknown1, Unknown2 
muchukundavara (tishra eka)  Unknown1, Unknown2  
pahi durge (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
pahimam (tishra eka)  TMK, Unknown 
pankajamukha (tishra eka)  Unknown 
paradevata (tishram)   
paradevate (rupakam)   
parvatipate (chaturashra eka)  Unknown1, Unknown2 
pitavarnam (tishra eka)  Unknown 
rajivalochanam (tishra eka)  Unknown 
ramachandram (chaturashra eka)   
rama janardana (tishra eka)  Unknown 
sadashiva (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
sakalasuravinuta (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
shaktisahita (tishra eka)  Unknown 
samaganapriye (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
shankaravara (rupakam)   
santanasaubhagya (tishra eka)  Unknown 
santatam govinda (tishra eka)  Unknown 
santatam pahi mam (tishra eka)  Unknown 
somaskandam (tishra eka)  Unknown 
sri shankara (tishram)   
shyamale meenakshi (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
vagdevi (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
vande meenakshi (chaturashra eka)  Unknown 
varadaraja pahi (tishra eka)  Unknown 
varashivabalam (chaturashra eka)   Unknown 

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